Sweet Rolled Tacos Opens in Centreville Square

Sweet Rolled Tacos in Centreville, VA

If you like your ice cream sliced, diced, and scraped up with a spackling knife, you’re in luck! Centreville Square just opened up a new ice cream shop, and I’m probably the most excited member in our family. Sure, we already have SweetFrog with their frozen yogurt and Ciao’s Gelato, but now, we finally have good old fashioned ice cream — or do we? Let’s just say, this is isn’t your typical banana split.

Ice cream in Centreville, VA

Sweet Rolled Tacos is on the tail end of their soft opening, and have worked out most of the kinks that come with opening a new business. It sits in the far back corner, nestled between SpiderSmart and the Boyd School. The shop was very clean and inviting, with a giant pink cherry tree spreading across one corner and onto the ceiling.

The signature tacos are made with ice cream that is mixed and rolled on a cold platter, and then scraped into a roll shape. The taco shells are waffle cones that come in your choice of colors, though they all have the same flavor. Depending on your selection, your taco will be topped with anything from Fruity Pebbles to toasted black sesame seeds.

My sons enjoyed a cookies and cream taco and a brownie taco, while my wife got a hideous looking green tea concoction. She assures me that it was tasty, but I’ll take her word for it. I made a much better decision, and went with a mocha milkshake, which was delicious. The brain freeze was intense, but definitely worth it!

New ice cream shop in Centreville, VA

The menu is filled with more exotic flavors ranging from Ube (purple yam) to Yellow Fever (durian), so if your feeling a little more adventurous, they’ve got you covered. The tacos take good bit of time to prepare, so on a busy Friday or Saturday night, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a line out the door, so get there early.

It’s always exciting to get a new dessert option in town, and I’m sure we’ll be heading back to Sweet Rolled Tacos once the summer heat moves in.

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