Jurassic Encounter - Centreville Virginia

The Jurassic encounter

The Jurassic Encounter is going on now at the Bull Run Special Events Center. Visitors can see and interact with over 50 life-size dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs are animatronic and so life-like that it might feel like you’ve been transported back to the Jurassic Age. There are interactive activities that are both fun and […]

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Cox Farms in Centreville, Virginia

Smokin’ Saturdays at Cox Farms

This Spring, Cox Farms has been hosting their “Smoking’ Saturdays,” filled with some delicious barbecue and farm life fun. The farm stand at the roundabout on Braddock and Pleasant Valley Roads is open for business, and you can buy vegetable plants for your garden and hanging flower baskets for the porch—you can’t beat their selection

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Raccoon in Centreville Virginia

Midnight visitor

Our bird feeder has been ransacked three nights in a row, and last night we caught the thief in the act. This guy looked pretty well-fed — two entire suet cakes will do that to you. I guess we’ll be bringing the feeders inside at nights until this critter moves on to the next yard.

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Filmdex in Centreville, VA

Haunted CIA Porn Studio For Sale

If you ever wanted to purchase an ex-CIA safehouse/porn set, you’re in luck! The old Filmdex building is for sale. Situated on the Southern border of Centreville, just before the quarry on Route 29, this mysterious location has been cause of much wild speculation about what goes on behind those brick walls. I’ve been driving

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Starbucks in union Mill Colonnade

Starbucks Smasher on the Loose

Just after 3:00 A.M. yesterday morning, someone smashed out the windows of the Starbucks in the Union Mill Colonnade. The night before, the same location had its door smashed in, presumably by the same person, and the police want the community’s assistance in finding this suspect. Here’s a photo of the crime in progress, captured

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Centreville High School

2022 Virginia High School Rankings

US News and World Report just released their annual rankings of the nation’s high schools. Fairfax County has always been lauded for our schools, though lately we seem to have a little less swagger in our step after the clumsy handling of the Covid-19 virtual learning and Thomas Jefferson’s admissions practices. Despite that, TJ ranked

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